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Testimony of Salvation 

I was gloriously and eternally saved and baptized at the age of 7

in a small Baptist church in west Texas. 


Opportunities for Ministry

Throughout my adulthood, I have had numerous opportunities

for ministry, and after the Lord brought me to Trinity Baptist

Church in 2004 those opportunities seemed to mushroom.  

Through teaching Sunday School, working in the Juvenile

detention ministry, the state prison ministry, teaching ESL to the

Chinese, starting a street preaching ministry, and of course

through door-to-door soul winning, the blessings have abounded.


During a trip to preach at the state prison in 2005, I had the

privilege of getting to know missionary to Croatia, Johnny Leslie, who was to be our guest preacher that night.  As soon as he told me that he was the only Independent Baptist missionary in the country of Croatia, it was as if a huge weight was placed on my heart.  I immediately told him I would go there and go soul winning with him (having no idea how that might happen).


After telling a co-worker that same week about my dream to win souls on the other side of the world, God did his amazing work and burdened that co-worker to make it possible by purchasing a plane ticket for me.


While on that trip in 2006, we had the joy of seeing a number of Croatians come to Christ.  This enforced all the more that I would have to go again.  In 2008, my employer sent me to Germany to a tradeshow and volunteered to pay for a ticket to Croatia if I wished to return there for another soul winning trip.  Of course I did! That year, we saw many more Croatians receive Christ as their Saviour.  2009 brought another soul winning trip to Croatia when donations were receive that were sufficient to cover the expense of getting there once again.


Now, my employer wants to make some changes in the company where I have been employed for 25 years, and also wants to assist me in a career change!  The owner is giving me some financial assistance to get established as a missionary helper in Croatia, so that I may go there and win souls full time.  What an incredible blessing!  What a mighty God we serve.


I am selling my home, donating the few possessions I have, clearing up loose ends and leaving for Croatia by the end of March.


All of this for someone who was almost completely disabled by Muscular Dystrophy just 9 years ago.  He made the lame to walk again, and pointed me toward Croatia. His Word says to GO AND PREACH THE GOSPEL. 

Yes, Lord.  I am on my way.

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