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To open their eyes, and to

turn them from darkness to light,and from the power of Satan unto God, that they

may receive forgiveness

of sins,...

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Greetings from beautiful Croatia!

We kicked off the Bible mailing program again in September after the summer holiday season ended. I wondered how it might go since we had paused for 2 months. Well, we ended September with the highest number of Bible orders for any month since we began this ministry last November! The number of people who ordered and received a Bible in September was 2,164! Glory to God!

Our current running total as of today is 13,197 Bibles individually mailed! We’ve had hundreds of people write back thanking us for the Bible, rejoicing that they now have a Bible of their very own. A lot of people write back to ask if we could send one to a friend or a relative. Lots of grandmas out there want one for the grandkids. One lady’s neighbor was standing there when she got hers out of the mailbox and immediately asked her if she could order one for her, too.

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