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To open their eyes, and to

turn them from darkness to light,and from the power of Satan unto God, that they

may receive forgiveness

of sins,...

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Greetings from beautiful Croatia!

   Here I am again wishing I had a better report for everyone, but again I must tell you the truth.

   The infection I have battled since Dec-Jan proved to once again be more resilient than all the antibiotics I have taken. I was re-admitted to the hospital in late April where I was again given intravenous antibiotics for a number of days.

   In addition, the first surgery I had in March did indeed prove to be inadequate, so I had a much more invasive surgery on May 3rd. After that, I spent about eleven more days in the hospital on a wound vacuum machine and I have been under the surgeon’s care as an outpatient ever since.
   This latest hospital stay was 23 days long, bringing me to a grand total of 47 days in the hospital since late December. For someone who had not seen the inside of a hospital for 40 years, this has really been quite an adjustment. I
promise you I never started out to create my own soap opera, but it is what it is.
   As of now, I am recuperating from the surgery. (The incisions were left
completely open to heal on their own, which surprises me.) In addition, I am still battling a persistent case of anemia, which has really zapped my energy level. I am working on that, hoping in the next month or so to see some significant progress.
Please pray that I can overcome this and get back in the action in a big way.

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