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To open their eyes, and to

turn them from darkness to light,and from the power of Satan unto God, that they

may receive forgiveness

of sins,...

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Greetings from beautiful Croatia!

Since my last letter, our Bible mailing program has continued moving forward. In the latter part of June, we surpassed the big milestone of mailing 10,000 Bibles. Glory to God! What a great blessing it is to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.

We have paused promoting the free Bible for the months of July and August because these are big holiday months in Croatia and so many people are not at home. We’re building an inventory of prepackaged Bibles and planning to hit it hard in September.

Please pray for God’s blessings on the remainder of this year. Our supply of Bibles is getting low and the Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation is already working on another container full of Bibles for us. We sure appreciate them!

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